The International HPC Summer School 2024 will be held on 7-12 July at the Ariston Hotel Kobe, Kobe, Japan. The Ariston Hotel is located at:

Minatojimanakamachi 6-1,
Chuo-ku Kobe-shi,
Hyogo 650-0046 Japan

Participants will be housed at three locations: Ariston Hotel Kobe, Toyoko INN Kobe Sannomiya-eki Shiyakusho Mae and Kobe Portopia Hotel.

Accommodation details will be provided at a later date.

Getting to Ariston Hotel

1. Kansai International Airport (KIX):
Train: Take JR or Nankai Airport Express to Osaka Station, transfer to JR Kobe Line to Sannomiya. Then, Port Liner to Minatojima Station.
Airport Limousine Bus: Direct buses to Sannomiya available, followed by Port Liner to Minatojima Station.
High-Speed Ferry: Take ferry to Kobe Airport. Then, Port Liner to Shimin Hiroba Station. (Special tickets available for ferry and portliner)

2. Osaka International Airport (ITM / Itami Airport):
Monorail and Train: Osaka Monorail to Hotarugaike, transfer to Hankyu Takarazuka Line to Juso. Then, Hankyu Kobe Line to Sannomiya. Port Liner to Minatojima Station.
Airport Limousine Bus: Buses to Sannomiya available, followed by Port Liner to Minatojima Station.

3. Kobe Airport (UKB – Closest airport but fewer flights):
Port Liner: Directly to Shimin Hiroba Station.
For detailed information, please check the transportation schedules and options.

4. JR Shinkansen Bullet train from the Tokyo area:
If there is no convenient flight to KIX, you could arrive in the Tokyo area first and connect to KIX airport or Osaka International Airport (ITM) or take the bullet train (JR Shinkansen) from Tokyo station or Shinagawa station to Shin-Kobe station. Please note there are two international airports in the Tokyo area, one is HANEDA Tokyo International Airport (HND), which is close to central Tokyo and the other is NARITA International Airport (NRT), which is located much further from Tokyo.

Tokyo International Airport (HND):
Haneda Airport is officially known as Tokyo International Airport from which it takes around 30 minutes to get the heart of Tokyo.
<Recommended routes>
1) Keikyu HND station – [Keikyu Line] – Keikyu Shinagawa station (about 20min.) /JR Shinagawa station – [JR Shinkansen Bullet train] – JR Shin-Kobe station (around 170min)
2) HND – [Airport Limousine] – Tokyo station (about 40min*) / JR Tokyo station – [JR Shinkansen Bullet train] – JR Shin-Kobe station (around 170min) *Depends on the traffic

HND station ⇔ Shinagawa station  - JPY330/ about 20min.
HND ⇔ Tokyo station/Yaesu North  - JPY1000/ about 40min*

Narita International Airport (NRT):
Narita Airport is located much further from Tokyo than HND airport and it takes to be in the city in around less two hours.
<Recommended routes>
1) NRT – [Airport Limousine] – Tokyo station (about 100min*) / JR Tokyo station – [JR Shinkansen Bullet train] – JR Shin-Kobe station(around 170min) *Depends on the traffic.
2) JR NRT Airport station – [JR Narita Express] – JR Tokyo station (about 60min) – [JR Shinkansen Bullet train] – JR Shin-Kobe station (around 170min)

NRT ⇔ Tokyo station/Yaesu North  - JPY3100/ about 100min* *Depends on the traffic.
JR NRT Airport station ⇔ Tokyo station  - JPY3070/ about 60min

Map of JR Tokyo station

[Shinkansen (Bullet train)]:
Tokyo and Kobe are connected by the JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen operated by JR-Central. Nozomi trains require about 170 minutes to reach Shin-Kobe Station from Tokyo, while direct Hikari trains require roughly 195 minutes. The regular one-way fare from Tokyo to Shin-Kobe is 14,420 yen for a non-reserved seat on any train, around 14,750 yen for a reserved seat on Hikari trains and around 15,290 yen for a reserved seat on a Nozomi train.

JR-Central (JR Tokai)

Visa requirements for entry into Japan

A good starting point would be the VISA | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan page to determine your entry requirements for Japan.

Travel Insurance 

We highly recommend individually obtaining optional travel insurance to prepare for unexpected situations such as illnesses or disruptions during your stay in Japan.

Travel Guide

Welcome to Kobe. Nestled between the scenic beauty of Mt. Rokko and the Seto Inland Sea is Kobe City, the 6th largest city in Japan. The city lies in the western area of Japan called Kansai and also a vital part of the Japanese economy with its modern international port and the premier biomedical cluster in the country. As part of the excursion, we plan to enjoy the night view of Kobe from Mount Rokko.